Moscow Aviation Institute is one of the world’s top universities for aerospace engineering.

Importantly it is an internationally recognized research center. The Universities scientist and engineers pursue research at the leading edge of aerospace technology.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) was established on 20 March 1930 as Higher Aero-mechanical college (VAMU) by the order of Supreme Economic Council of the USSR in order to ensure training of qualified personnel for the aviation industry.

In the beginning it had 3 departments i.e. Aeronautical, Aircraft engines and Aerodynamics.

On its 10th anniversary in 1940, the university had established itself as a premier aeronautical university with 38 departments, 22 laboratories and a Student design office along with spacious production facility.

The uniqueness of the MAI is that historically it was created to train specialists for almost all departments and teams in the Design Bureaus of the aviation industry.

Currently, MAI is the only university in Russia, which provides highly qualified personnel for the entire product life cycle in the aerospace industry, from system design to implementation of cutting edge technologies.

The present-day MAI is a unique institute of higher education where thorough theoretical knowledge are combined with various practical skills. There are more than 120 laboratories, 3 student design offices, 3 specialized resource centers, an experimental-design factory, and an aerodrome are available for the students.

The university has to its merit more than 160000 specialists, 250 chief designers in the Aerospace Industry. 50 Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 22 cosmonauts, 100 test pilots and 60 Olympic champions in different sports.

Alumni of the institute form the backbone of many companies like Sukhoi, MIG,Ilyushin, Tupolev, Yakovlev, Beriev, Myasishchev, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant,OAO S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Lavochkin,Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, NPO Energomash, Almaz-Antey and others.

Students Strength: At Moscow Aviation Institute you will find more than 20000 students studying there. Among them there are 2000 international students from over 50 countries.


  • 1.) Training combined with research program with help of advanced equipment
  • 2.) Implementation of advanced educational methods, including the use of e-learning technologies, etc
  • 3.) The use of everlasting design principle for all aircraft systems, missile and space technology. Students are engaged in research projects for industry-based Russian and foreign companies, which help students to see their prospects in these organizations.

Bachelor Program: Aeronautical Engineering

Start date: September 2017
Duration: 4 years
Degree: Bachelor
Language: Russian/English
Master program: Jet engines
Start date: October2017
Duration: 2 years
Degree: Master
Language: English

Master program: Aeronautical Engineering

Start date: October 2017
Duration: 2 years
Degree: Master
Language: English


Aeronautical Engineering:

101 Airplane Design department
102 Helicopter Design department
103 Hydraulic, Environmental Control and Emergency systems department
104 Aircraft Manufacturing Technology department
105 Aerodynamics department
106 Aircraft Dynamics and Flight Control department
107 Conceptual Design and Effectiveness of Aviation System department
108 Aircraft Certification department

Engines for Flying Vehicles

201 Aircraft Engine Theory department
202 Jet Engines department
203 Aircraft Engine Construction and Design department
204 Aircraft Heat Engineering department
205 Aircraft Engine Production department
206 Metrology and Interchangeability department
207 Spacecraft Power Plants, Energy and Energophysical Installations department

Control Systems, Informatics and Electric Power Engineering

301 Automatic and Intelligent Control System department
302 Automatic Information-Handling and Control System department
303 Devices and Measurement-Computating Complexes department
304 Computers, Computer Systems and Networks department
305 Automatic Complexes and Orientation and Navigation Systems department
306 Microelectronic Electrical Systems dept.
307 Technology of Instrumentation dept.
308 Information Technology department
309 Theoretical Electrotechnics department
31o Electropower and Electromechanical Systems department

Radioelectronics for Flying Vehicles

401 Radiolocation and Radionavigation department
402 Radiosystems of Control and Data Transmission department
403 Special Radioelectronics department
404 Designing and Technology of Radiotechnical Systems department
405 Theoretical Radio Engineering dept.
406 Antennas, Radiotransmittings and Feeding Device department
407 Radioreceiving Devices department

Institute of Business Engineering

501 Operation Management and Marketing department
502 Industrial Economics department
503 Safety of Environment department
504 Informatics in Economics department
505 Economics and Management of Research and Development dept.
506 Computer management systems for economic objects department
507 Economics department
508 Economics of Investments dept.
509 Marketing and Commercialization in Aerospace Industry department

Aeronautical and Rocket Engineering

601 Space Systems and Rocketry department
602 Aviation and Rocket Systems department
603 Structural Dynamics and Strength department
604 System Analysis and Control department
605 Engineering System Tests department
606 Aerospace Hardware Production department
607 Life and Flight Safety Support Systems department
608 Aerohydrospace systems department
609 Applied Informatics department

Robotic and Intelligent Systems

701 Aircraft Robotic Systems department
702 Aerospace Vehicles Servo Drives department
703 System Engineering of Aviation Complexes department
704 Information and Control Complexes department

Applied Mathematics and Physics

801 Physics department
802 Theoretical Mechanics department
803 Differential Equations department
804 Theory of Probability department
805 Mathematical Cybernetics department
806 Computing Mathematics and Programming department
807 Applied Physics department

Applied Mechanics

901 Materials Technology department
902 Resistance of Materials, Dynamics and Strength of Machines department
903 Construction Materials department
904 Engineering Graphics department
905 Applied Geometry department
906 Machinery and Parts of Machines department
907 Mechanisms and Machines Theory department
908 Physical Chemistry department
909 Antennas and Microwave Components Design department

Life at MAI : Each MAI student has an opportunity to join a sports clubs. There are about 50 clubs. In total there are about 2 000 people in the sports clubs. The University regularly holds inter-faculty sports days, sports competitions, relay races, etc. There are more than 60 Olympic, World and Europe Champions among MAI athletes.

The International student cultural center — is all about music, dancing, cooking, photography, sewing, singing, radio, and recording studio. Here you can find something for everyone. Our students frequently take part in various festivals, national holidays, meetings, roundtables, creative performances, exhibitions, days of national culture and other activities aimed at the development of cross-cultural communication.


TMAI is a major innovation center which carries out researches in prospective areas determining the development of high-tech industries like aviation Systems, Space Rocket Systems, New Materials and Production Technologies, Energy Systems, Information Technologies, Resource Allocation Process of Aerospace Technologies.

Innovative research projects are done with the use of the following technologies:

• Mathematical simulation;
• Lifecycle products’ management;
• Composite structures manufacture;
• Integrated avionics;
• Engineering systems electrification.

MAI is constantly in touch with industry and takes part in all major projects of its partners. MAI collaborates with Russian and foreign corporations and organizations such as the United Aircraft Corporation, the state corporations “Roscosmos” and “Rostec”, COMAC, Safran, ENAC, BrahMos Aerospace, HAL, and others.

Above all, MAI is the only Russian university which has a Code Signing Certificate of aviation equipment. MAI also cooperates with technology companies and venture capital funds.

Hostel: MAI provides good living accommodation for students.The hostel is situated in a place at a short distance from the campus. Students are provided with single or double room in a modern apartment building

Some Prominent facts about MAI

• MAI Rector – Mikhail AslanovichPogosyan was the Director General of United Aircraft Corporation and an alumni of MAI itself.General Constructor of the SukhoiSuperJet

• 12 different Schools/Departments which teaches the complete life cycle of an aircraft/spacecraft

• 22 Cosmonauts (Astronauts) from this University has ventured into space

• 60 Olympic Medalists

• You can reach the university by 3 different Metros, 5 different Tram and 2 Bus stops.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Weighty Advantages of MAI Bachelor Degree Program in English Medium

* Moscow Aviation Institute is one of the world’s top universities for aerospace engineering and №1 in Russia. We are an internationally recognized research center pursuing the leading edge in aerospace technology

* MAI was ranked among the 12 best universities of the Russian Federation

* Our students carry out scientific-research activity

>campus located in the center of Moscow
> 120 laboratories,
> 3 student design offices,
>numerous computer centers,
>experimental-design factory
> MAI own aerodrome
> MAI personal 16-storied Dormitory

* World Recognized Degree

* Different opportunities to take sport activities: yoga, weightlifting, aerobics, tennis, rock-climbing, gym.

* More than 22.000 students, among them 1500 international students from 48 countries

* The only technical University in Russia who provide Engineering Education in the English Language

* New up-to-date syllabus

* Education for the first two years under one unique syllabus, choosing specialization(major) on the 3rd course of your education

* Externship at the leading Russian and Foreign Companies in the aviation industry such as MIG and TSAGI

* Worldwide recognition of the diploma

* Opportunity to complete a semester at one of our Partner-Universities in one of the best technical universities in Europe

* Opportunity to continue your education at Master’s degree program at MAI in English medium or at any University of the World

* Guaranteed employment with high salary

General Information about MAI

Moscow Aviation Institute is one of the world-leading engineering universities dedicated to aerospace technologies. More than 160,000 students including 1,400 international students from 52 countries have graduated from MAI after its foundation in 1930.

MAI consists of more than 2,300 professors and lecturers including both 450 full-professors (D.Sc.) and 1100 associate professors (Ph.D.) who teach more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students at 11 schools and 4 branches of the University. Our university includes among its alumni about 120 general and chief designers, 43 members and associate members of the Russian academy of science, 300 State and Government Prize laureates, and 22 cosmonauts who spent a total of 12 years in outer space.

The present-day MAI is a unique institute of higher education where a thorough theoretical knowledge combines with various practical skills. More than 120 laboratories, 3 student design offices, numerous computer centers, an experimental-design factory, and an aerodrome are available for our students.

Moscow Aviation Institute is an advancing multiple-discipline academic and research center which provides students with the current-technology knowledge to rank as a qualified scientist and engineer all over the world!

At present time, in collaboration with “Mos Lanka Investment (Pvt)” we have developed and successfully launched a unique and exclusive Engineering Bachelor Degree programs in English medium in the following fields:

1. Aeronautical Engineering
2. Engines of Flying Vehicles
3. Electrical Engineering and Avionics
4. Aerospace Engineering

Starting 2016 academic year MAI has launched two-year Master’s degree programs in English Medium for the following majors:

1. Aerospace Engineering
2. Jet Engine Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

It is a privilege to be a part of the life-changing journey students at MAI make, and with a brand new purpose-built state-of-the-art school, we are delighted to offer you some of the best learning facilities in Russia, with first-class welfare support and the highest academic standards.

Being the largest scientific and practical Technological Park, MAI has a wide range of possibilities for training students from all over the world!


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