I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest leading medical university in Russia that has become a cradle of most medical schools and scientific societies of our country. For decades it has been unofficially known as “First Med”.University success is based on a blend of glorious traditions and actual innovative approaches multiplied by a great potential of human resources. The University is a unique educational, scientific and medical complex that graduates, certifies and provides lifelong professional education for physicians and other healthcare workers; that contributes significantly to the domestic and global medicine. The University is closely linked to the fundamental and applied research, highly efficient medical treatment, and propaganda of medical and pharmaceutical achievements. The University is rich with knowledge and experience that is generously transferred to its students, to those whose mission will be to face the challenges of the 21st century in the field of medicine and people aiding, to implement new methods and technologies in healthcare.

Today, the University has grown up into an academic, research and Resource Centre of Excellence in the Russian Healthcare System. It enforces the development of Medicine of the Future, based on a strong academic foundation in clinical medicine, expanding frontiers in advanced multidisciplinary research, together with the world leaders in Engineering, Technology and Natural Sciences.

The University has vision to become an internationally-recognized comprehensive academic research platform by 2020. It will integrate the world advanced developments aimed at personalized life-long health management and overcoming global health challenges. The University’s research-intensive environment supports collaboration between students, faculty and partners in creating new products and technologies. The University strong holds the training of professionals who will be able to work effectively in the changing environment for becoming the leaders and to respond challenges of time.

University’s target model drives its sustainable transformation into a world-class University with a balanced focus on multi-disciplinary education, research and partnership with industry.

At present, Sechenov University is the only member of the Russian Academic Excellence Project in QS World University Ranking by Subject (Medicine). Its clinical competence is a key advantage for cross-disciplinary basic research and discovery of new horizons in health and care. The University’s partner ecosystem allocates resources to the areas that translate Engineering, Technical and IT developments into solutions for better health under a personalized life-long health management system.

The University has about 3,500 international students among the 19,000 undergraduate students.  The current student cohorts represent 90 countries of all continents. The biggest number of foreign students is from Iran, India, Malaysia, China, Azerbaijan, Namibia, South Africa, etc.

Clinical Campus

The clinical campus of Sechenov University was established in 1897. It was considered as one of the best and largest teaching hospitals in Europe.

Today, the modern fully renovated University Hospitals have:

  • 4 000 staff members 
  • 3,000 hospital beds
  • 20 research & teaching buildings
  • 25 university clinics at University Hospital
  • 25 University clinics at municipal hospitals
  • >30% of high-tech surgeries (Da Vinci robotic surgeries)

In-patient departments of University Hospital provide multi-speciality high-tech healthcare services. In 2018, the Comprehensive Cancer Center was established at Sechenov University.  It provides cancer patients with a full range of medical services.


  • Faculty of General Medicine (MBBS)
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

Student life

The University offers comfortable and cozy accommodation to all international students. The rooms are provided on sharing basis of same genders. The rooms are fully furnished with central heating and cooling system.

The University also provides laundry facility along with a kitchen on every floor giving students the option of self-cooking.

The University has set up a Center for International Education, which is responsible for coordinating with all international students, and assists them with all migration-related issues and thus provides a particular focus on their integration with all University-based and outside activities.

The University offers ample opportunities to medical students to obtain and improve knowledge in the fields of their interest during their leisure time. Various extracurricular lectures by world-class researchers and physicians, meetings of student societies on different areas of medicine and healthcare, intellectual quizzes and language speaking clubs represent even a wider list of after-school activities organized at Sechenov University on a daily basis.

The University believes in the holistic development of every student, therefore a student sports organization named “Phoenix” welcomes all students who wish to do some kind of sports at any level. The University offers various indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as stadiums, tennis courts, basketball court, and other such facilities.

The University has a center for a social cause named as Volunteer center which is open for everyone who is eager to help others in need, become a donor or to contribute to global initiatives in ecology, social work, medical aid and etc.

The University also has a student culture center named as “New Art”, which encourages the student to in various plays, literacy and poetry clubs, music bands, as well as several dancing classes.

Every summer, Sechenov University Camp located at the Black Sea shore welcomes students to spend 3 weeks at the seaside, make friends and participate in any team activities.


Television Interviews

Watch coverage by leading regional channels on MBBS in Russia with Dr. Suhas Mane, Global Educational Consultancy.

Ambassador's Visit to VOLSMU

His Excellency Srinivasan Raghavan Pundi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Russia visited Volgograd state Medical University.

Chancellor's Message

As the Vice Chancellor of Privolzhsky Research Medical University (NNSMA), I extend you a hearty welcome on behalf of Privolzhsky Research Medical University .

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