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Engineering Education in Russia

In this section, we will talk about the specifics of engineering educational programmes in Russia.

Engineering experts are popular among employers nowadays. And to no surprise, the constant development of new technologies grows the demand for precise competencies, necessary for many fields: energy, heat power engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, metallurgy, mining, metallurgy, construction, rocket science, medicine and many others. In the process of study, engineering students take internships in their specialty at large construction, energy, oil and gas enterprises. Practical experience will simplify not only the educational process but also the employment search in the future.

Russia has a strong base in the field of education and science. For decades, the country paid close attention to the development of the engineering sphere and the preparation of qualified specialists. Affordable tuition fees, English-taught programmes, the versatility of educational organizations and the functional combination of theory and practice makes Russian engineering education so attractive for international applicants. Russian universities traditionally rank high in the Times Higher Education global educational ranking in Engineering and technology subject.

Russian education offers a great range of industrial programmes from aircraft construction to bioengineering. Many of them are in English. You can also enroll in the preparatory department to improve your Russian skills to have unlimited choice.

To enter a Russian university, you need to pass a competitive selection. Usually, for engineering programmes, you need to go through several exams: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, in some cases biology or chemistry.

IT Education In Russia

What IT for you? For us, it's in-demand specialists confident in their future. We live in a time of rapid technological development so it is almost impossible to name an area where these specialists are not involved. Medicine, logistics or education – everything we use daily.

Russian universities that train IT specialists offer internships in leading international organizations. After such an internship, there'll be no need to figure out how to fill your resume as employers will headhunt you themselves. Besides, according to a new law, international students now have a right to work in Russia while studying. More information about the rules of employment of international students can be found here.

Graduates of Russian universities are valued all over the world and hold high-paying positions as Programmers, Developers, Web Designers, Cryptographers, Testers, & Information Security Engineers. Starting in 2020, international specialists who graduated from Russian educational institutions and have officially worked for three years in the Russian Federation can apply for citizenship.


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